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VDE tested to 10, 000 V and guaranteed to 1,000 V.

Premium quality steel with molydenum and vanadium for flexibility and lifetime.

CNC milled tips for high precision for best fit and reduced cammout effect.

Black phosphate on the tip for grip and corrosion resistance.

2 component grip with softgrip for comfortable handling.

3 sided design for non slip and maximum power transfer.

Slim design at front for low power/torque applications and fine electrical work.

Laser engraved with the reception on the top of handle for easy identification.

Anti roll, 3 sided collar on handle.

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SL 0.4 x 2.5 x 75

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Product Specifications VDE S/Driver SL 0,4x2,5x75 SL 0.4 x 2.5 x 75 VDE S/Driver SL 0,5x3x100 SL 0.5 x 3 x 100 VDE S/Driver SL 0,6x3,5x100 SL 0.6 x 3.5 x 100 VDE S/Driver SL 0,8x4x100 SL 0.8 x 4 x 100 VDE S/Driver SL 1,0x5,5x125 SL 1.0 x 5.5 x 125 VDE S/Driver SL 1,2x6,5x150 SL 1.2 x 6.5 x 150 VDE S/Driver SL 1,2x8x175 SL 1.2 x 8 x 175 Volt Tester SL 0,5x3x65 SL 0.5 x 3 x 65 VDE S/Driver PH0 x60 PH0 x 60 VDE S/Driver PH1 x80 PH1 x 80 VDE S/Driver PH2 x100 PH2 x 100 VDE S/Driver PH3 x150 PH3 x 150 VDE S/Driver PZ0 x60 PZ0 x 60 VDE S/Driver PZ1 x80 PZ1 x 80 VDE S/Driver PZ2 x100 PZ2 x 100 VDE S/Driver PZ3 x150 PZ3 x 150 VDE S/Driver T10 x60 T10 x 60 VDE S/Driver T15 x75 T15 x 75 VDE S/Driver T20 x100 T20 x 100 VDE S/Driver T25 x100 T25 x 100 VDE S/Driver T30 x100 T30 x 100 VDE S/Driver PH/SL1 x80 PH/SL1 x 80 VDE S/Driver PH/ SL2 x100 PH/SL2 x 100 VDE S/Driver PZ/ SL1 x80 PZ/SL1 x 80 VDE S/Driver PZ/ SL2 x100 PZ2/SL2 x 100 VDE S/Driver SW6 x125 SW6 x 125 VDE S/Driver SW7 x125 SW7 x 125 VDE S/Driver SW8 x125 SW8 x 125 VDE S/Driver SW9 x125 SW9 x 125 VDE S/Driver SW10 x125 SW10 x 125 VDE S/Driver SW11 x125 SW11 x 125 VDE S/Driver SW13 x125 SW13 x 125 VDE S/Driver Set 1 - 5pcs VDE screwdriver set (5pc) VDE S/Driver Set 2 - 7pcs VDE Screwdriver set 1 (7pc)
Article Number 4932464034493246403549324640364932464037493246403849324640394932464040493246404149324640424932464043493246404449324640454932464046493246404749324640484932464049493246405049324640514932464052493246405349324640544932464055493246405649324640574932464058493246405949324640604932464061493246406249324640634932464064493246406549324640664932464067
Contents SL3 / SL4, PZ1 / PZ2 and voltage testerSL2.5 / SL3 / SL4, PH2, PZ1 / PZ2 and voltage tester
Pack quantity 1111111111111111111111111111111157
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