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Exploring Machine Learning Applications in Smart Power Tools
Humans are no longer alone online. There are friendly chatbots that will talk to you about your feelings; neural networks that respond to a few typed words with strange, dreamlike works of art; and algorithms that will try to guess what your stick figure drawings are and translate them into photorealistic images.
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April 2022: What’s New in One-Key?
Since last October, we’ve chiefly deployed incremental releases addressing bug fixes and focusing on incremental continuous improvements.
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9 Electrical Safety Tips for Construction Workers
Electricity is a critical element in construction. Most construction operations and equipment run on power, and therefore electricity plays a significant role in construction success. Not to forget, there are several workers like linesmen, powerline workers, electrical engineers and others who work with electricity on a construction site. These men perform the most vital electrical work and lay the fundamental wiring that brings power to a building.
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10 Emerging Trends in Construction for 2022
The new year is upon us, bringing with it a fresh chance to take stock of where we’ve been and where we’re going on our latest trip around the sun.
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Green Renovation and Adaptive Reuse: A Sustainable Alternative to New Construction
Go for a drive in any direction. It won’t be long before you see it: an abandoned home, a shuttered business, or the ruin of a derelict warehouse or manufacturing plant.
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The Rise of Offsite Construction
Between Denmark and Sweden lies the Øresund Strait, where the brackish waters of the Baltic Sea mingle with the Atlantic Ocean.
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Does the Job Stop in Winter? Cold Weather Construction Safety Tips
With winter fast approaching, we must prepare ourselves. Will it be a wonderland? Or a “Snowmageddon,” a humorous expression all too familiar in the Midwest, and particularly here in Wisconsin, that has even led to aptly named consumer goods becoming available for the coffee connoisseur looking to weather looming storms, brooding over a hot brew.
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Gift Guide 2021: What to Get a Fellow Tradesperson for the Holidays
The holidays are just around the corner. In search of a last-minute gift? You've come to the right place.
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Tracking Tag vs Asset ID Tag vs TICK™: What’s the Difference?
As we’ve previously discussed, the adoption of equipment tagging continues to rise among contractors, particularly the Bluetooth tracking tag.
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Sustainable Construction: How Making Your Warehouse Greener Can Go a Long Way
THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Erich Lawson | Published: August 20, 2021
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Leveraging the Relationship between BIM and Asset Management
THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Lucas Marshall | Published: August 18, 2021
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What Is LiDar and How Can We Use It in Construction?
THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Mike Anderson | Published: August 16, 2021
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