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SDS-Max vario extension system


Flexible tool system: can be extended to variable lengths in combination with core cutters or tunnel bits. We recommend a maximum of 3 extensions.

Cost effective: different drill sizes can be exchanged easily and fast with the threaded stud system.

Suitable for rotary hammers up to 8 kg.

Vario tunnel bits (supplied with thread).

Not suitable for reinforced concrete.

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Vario threaded stud

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Product Specifications SDS-Max Vario Stud - 1 pc Vario threaded stud SDS-Max Vario Arbor - 1 pc SDS-Max arbor with internal thread SDS-Max TCTC Pilot Drill - 1 pc Pilot drill bit SDS-Max TCTC Ejector Tool - 1 pc Ejector tool SDS-Max TCTC Arbor 450 mm - 1 pc SDS-Max TCTC Arbor 450 mm - 1 pc SDS-Max TCTC Arbor 180 mm - 1 pc Arbor SDS-Max SDS-Max Vario Extension - 1 pc Vario extension (incl. threaded stud) SDS-Max Stud / Taper - 1 pc Vario threaded stud with tapered end 1:8 f...
Ø (mm) 1125
Article Number 49324307384932430736493224596749326042144932343670493234366749324307374932430748
Pack quantity 11111111
Quantity 1111
Total length (mm) 195120450180280
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