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Pack. Lock. Outlast. Milwaukee® Announces the PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System


Pack. Lock. Outlast. Milwaukee® Announces the PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System

Milwaukee® Tool revolutionizes tool transportation, organization, and storage for the trades with the announcement of the new PACKOUTModular Storage System. 

A new-to-world attachment system allows boxes, organizers, and totes of multiple sizes and configurations to easily stack and lock together, making PACKOUT an extremely versatile and durable modular storage system.  

“Since launching the Milwaukee® storage category in 2014, our lineup has grown to include a breadth of solutions that deliver on the versatility and ‘Nothing But Heavy Duty’ promise demanded by our users. With the introduction of the PACKOUT Modular Storage System we’re taking this commitment to the next level,” said Jacek Stankiewicz, Junior Product Manager for Milwaukee® Tool.

“All current modular storage systems available today limit users to a single footprint or box size that offers very little versatility to fit their needs. PACKOUT is a game-changer for these users because it’s the first multi-footprint system that allows boxes, organizers, and totes of multiple sizes and configurations to easily stack and lock together.”

An intuitive and quick attachment mechanism gives users the freedom to stack and lock PACKOUT tool boxes, organizers, and totes of different sizes in numerous configurations that best suit their needs. The initial PACKOUT Modular Storage System will consist of 8 products – 3 tool boxes, 2 organizers, and 3 storage totes.

Tool Boxes

The base of the PACKOUT Modular Storage System is the PACKOUT Trolley Box. 228 mm all-terrain wheels allow the Trolley Box to easily roll over a variety of rough surfaces, and a metal through-axle secures the wheels providing a stronger connection and longer life in jobsite conditions. An industrial-grade extension handle is designed to support box loads up to 113 kg, and its wide handle produces a more comfortable grip during transportation.In addition, metal reinforced corners provide ultimate durability.

Users can also choose to utilize the PACKOUT Large Box or PACKOUT Box to securely stack and transport on top of the PACKOUT Trolley Box. Each features an internal organization tray for hand tools and accessories.

All Tool Boxes in the PACKOUT System are constructed with impact resistant polymer, IP 65 rated seals to prevent damage from water and jobsite debris, metal reinforced corners, and TICK mounting locations on the lids.


The PACKOUTOrganiser and PACKOUT Compact Organiser are designed to securely stack and transport on top of any PACKOUT tool boxes. Each includes small and large removable bins that can be mounted on common jobsite materials by utilizing integrated screw slots. A No-Travel Bin seal around the perimeter of each bin prevents small items from migrating from one bin to the other. Each utilizes impact resistant polymers and is IP 65 rated to prevent damage from water and jobsite debris.

Tote Toolbags

Unique to the Milwaukee® PACKOUT modular storage system is the integration of soft storage tote toolbags designed to attach to the top of any PACKOUT storage box or organiser.  This allows users to not only attach a storage tote toolbag to the top of their PACKOUT system for transport, but also gives the flexibility to attach an organizer to the bottom of a tote toolbag for quick tasks that only require a few hand tools and small fasteners.

Available in 25 cm, 40 cm or 50 cm, the new soft-sided tote toolbags can fit a wide variety of tools – from accessories and screwdrivers, to impact drivers and SAWZALL®’s. Each is constructed of 1680D ballistic material and their impact resistant molded bases are exceptionally durable protecting contents from water, abrasion and impact.

Part of a growing line of storage solutions from Milwaukee®, the new PACKOUT Modular Storage System will be available in February of 2018. Dedicated to delivering advanced solutions to increase productivity, Milwaukee®’s Storage category – as well as the PACKOUT System – will continue to grow and offer innovative organization solutions for the trades.


PACKOUT Modular Storage System

Tool Boxes

PACKOUT Trolley Box                              4932464078

PACKOUT Large Box                                4932464079

PACKOUT Box                                           4932464080


PACKOUT Organiser                                 4932464082

PACKOUT Compact Organiser                4932464083

Storage Totes

PACKOUT 25 cm Tote Toolbag                4932464084

PACKOUT40 cm Tote Toolbag                4932464085

PACKOUT 50 cm Tote Toolbag                4932464086

To find out more about the PACKOUT Modular Storage System, see video footage of it in action or find your nearest store, please visit


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