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Milwaukee® Announces New Family of Personal Lighting Solutions


Milwaukee® Announces New Family of Personal Lighting Solutions

The leading jobsite lighting provider in the industry, Milwaukee ® continues to expand their Lighting Solutions with the introduction of a new family of Personal Lighting products. 

The new line-up includes the USB Compact Flashlight, USB Headlamp and USB Pocket Flood Light, powered by REDLITHIUM™ USB – an extremely compact, removable battery technology. Also included in the new lineup will be two non-rechargeable products, a Penlight and a Headlamp. With the launch of this new family of personal lighting products, Milwaukee Tool is the first and only power tool manufacturer to offer a full range of lighting solutions for the trades.

“When Milwaukee® initially broke into the lighting category in 2009 we saw a unique opportunity to pair our lithium-ion and cordless technologies with advanced lighting features, and we brought incredible innovation to larger area and task lighting needs. However, jobsite lighting runs the gamut from task and area, to smaller supplemental lighting (or personal lighting),” said Sendi Spoljaric, Group Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “Now, we’re changing the game for the trades by offering a range of highly portable lighting solutions that can be carried, worn and positioned by professionals who need quick access to light. Each of these new lighting solutions has been designed from the ground-up to meet and surpass the specific needs of the trades in durability, performance and overall functionality.”

At the core of the new rechargeable solutions is Milwaukee®’s new REDLITHIUM USB, which gives users rechargeable convenience and performance where maintaining a compact size is critical. The REDLITHIUM USB battery gives users all day run time,* helping provide peace of mind that there’s ample light to get the job done. Capable of being charged either on the product or on a separate charger, and with a 3X faster charge time**, users can get back to work more quickly. Plus, with over 2000 recharges, REDLITHIUM USB eliminates the dependency on disposable batteries in situations of extended use.

This battery is providing the power and run time necessary for three critical personal lighting solutions: USB Compact Flashlight, USB Headlamp and a USB Pocket Flood Light.

USB Rechargeable Compact Flashlight

The USB Rechargeable Compact Flashlight delivers 700 Lumens of TRUEVIEW*** High Definition Light output on its high mode, and can cast a beam up to 155 meters. With the ability to run for up to 16 hours on one charge, the Flashlight easily adapts to the job at hand through a spot-to-flood sliding beam adjustment and (3) output modes: High, Low and Strobe. The Flashlight’s body and lens is constructed of impact and chemical resistant aircraft aluminium and with an IP67 rating it is dustproof and can be submersed in up to 1 meter of water.

USB Rechargeable Headlamp

Built from the ground-up to be used on a traditional hard hat, the new USB Rechargeable Headlamp features a rubber, slip-resistant strap and clips for easy attachment and a secure hold. Capable of providing 475 Lumens and up to 31 hours of run time, the new Headlamp has (5) light output modes for optimal brightness and run time including a Spot Flood Mode for a wider view of the surrounding area and to assist in viewing issues from far away. The light can be maneuvered in (7) different positions and features 216° tilting motion to help users direct light where it’s needed most. Built to be impact and chemical resistant, the Headlamp is also IP53 rated for weather and dust protection.

USB Rechargeable Pocket Flood Light

Designed with a unique dual magnet clip, this pocket-sized flood light can stick, clip and be carried practically anywhere. With the ability to deliver 445 Lumens of light output, it features (2) light output modes for maximum brightness and up to 11 hours of run time. Its impact and chemical resistant construction is also IP54 rated to protect against inclement weather and is dustproof.

“The recharging capabilities of these three personal lighting products will provide unmatched performance and durability for tradesmen, but we also wanted to offer a wide range of trade-focused solutions for all use-cases,” said Sendi. “For this reason, we’re also launching two non-rechargeable personal lighting solutions that outperform other products currently available to our users. They’ve been specifically engineered for the demands of the trades with features customised to the needs of these professionals.”

Non-rechargeable Alkaline Penlight and Headlamp

The first of these solutions is the Penlight. This penlight puts out 100 Lumens of TRUEVIEW High Definition light, is IP67 rated for submersion in up to 1 meter of water and protection from dust, and includes a protective rubber bite zone for occasional hands-free use. Second is a lightweight and compact non-rechargeable Headlamp designed with a micro fiber sweat-absorbing strap for all day comfort on the head. Capable of providing 300 Lumens, and with (3) light output modes, users will get up to 31 hours of continuous run time. The headlamp is impact and chemical resistant, as well as weather and dust resistant.

Committed to its focus on the user and investment in game-changing technology, Milwaukee® will continue to design and develop lighting solutions with the ability to adapt, perform and survive the demands of professional use.

*Dependent on mode selection and based on a 10 hour workday.

**Compared to other integrated charging solutions available today.

*** TRUEVIEW Technology utilises the most advanced LED technology and optical designs to deliver a consistent beam, optimised color temperature and true representation of colors and detail leading to a more productive work area.


Personal Lighting Solutions

REDLITHIUM™ USB Compact Flashlight (L4 MLED-201)

  • Lumen output :
    • High / Low / Strobe: 700 Lm/100 Lm/700 Lm
  • Run time : 4.5hr./16hr./8 hr.
  • Ingress rating : IP67
  • Weigth with battery pack : 0.24 kg

Includes REDLITHIUM™ USB Compact Flashlight, rechargeable REDLITHIUM™ USB Battery, Micro-USB cable.

 REDLITHIUM™ USB Headlamp (L4 HL-201)

  • Lumen output :
    • Spot/Flood: 475 Lm
    • Flood: 300 Lm/150 Lm/25 Lm
    • Spot: 300 Lm
  • Run time : 2 hr./4.5 hr./8.5 hr./31 hr./4 hr
  • Ingress rating : IP53
  • Weigth with battery pack : 0.19 kg

Includes REDLITHIUM™ USB Headlamp, Strap, Hard Hat Clips, rechargeable REDLITHIUM™ USB Battery, Micro-USB cable.

USB Rechargeable Pocket Flood Light (L4 FL-201)

  • Lumen output : 445 Lm/100 Lm
  • Run time : 2 hr./11 hr.
  • Ingress rating : IP54
  • Weigth with battery pack : 0.17 kg

Includes USB Rechargeable Pocket Flood Light, REDLITHIUM™ USB Battery, Micro-USB cable.

Alkaline Penlight (IPL-LED)

  • Lumen output : 100 Lm
  • Run time : 3 hr. +
  • Ingress rating : IP67
  • Weight with battery pack : 0.06 kg

Includes Penlight, Clip, (2) AAA Batteries

Alkaline Slim Headlamp (HL-LED)

  • Lumen output : 300 Lm/150 Lm/25 Lm
  • Run time : 4 hr./8.5 hr./31 hr.
  • Ingress rating : IP52
  • Weight with battery pack : 0.11 kg

Includes Headlamp, Strap, Hard Hat Clips, (3) AAA Batteries

Personal Lighting Charging Solutions



  • Includes REDLITHIUM™ USB Charger, Micro-USB Cable

REDLITHIUM™ USB Starter Kit (L4 NRG-201)

  • Includes REDLITHIUM™ USB Charger, REDLITHIUM™ USB Battery, Micro-USB Cable, 2.1A Wall Plug.

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