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The extensive MILWAUKEE® range of electric mechanic tools provides professionals with the specialist car tools needed for any task. From repairs to restoration and more - these versatile and durable products are ideal additions to your garage or workshop tool collection. From cordless heat guns to soldering irons, optimal performance is guaranteed. All products feature an ergonomic design, innovative battery technology and the precision that you need from your electric mechanic tools to achieve the best results from your next automotive task. The MILWAUKEE® M12™ sub-compact soldering iron can assist in many car repair tasks such as fixing electrical systems. A quick heat-up time of 20-30 seconds cuts down on work delays, while safety is also factored in with dual-colour LED lights to notify users of certain states. Flashing green indicates that the tool is heating up, solid green that the tool is ready for operation and solid red that the tool is switched off. The red LED will remain lit while the soldering tip remains too hot to touch. Its three locking head positions allow you to work in multiple orientations - 0°, 45°, 90° - depending on the demands of your task. The MILWAUKEE® M18™ cordless heat gun can help with removing adhesive materials when swapping parts, adding vinyl wraps and decals as well as many other uses. A high-performance heat coil allows the tool to reach temperatures of up to 470°C, while the tool can be operational in just six seconds, so that you can get on with the job. It comes supplied with a reduction nozzle for heat intensity on a specific area and a reflector nozzle to apply heat around an entire area or object, such as pipework.