FIXTEC™ solution without dust extraction


FIXTEC Diamond Core System.

The patented Milwaukee® range of FIXTEC diamond core adaptors allows changing diamond cores in a matter of seconds without the use of extra tools.

The most common complaint with existing systems is that the diamond core locks itself tight onto the machine making it increasingly difficult to later remove the core, even with the aid of spanners and wrenches.

However with the new FIXTEC adaptors solution from Milwaukee® this is a problem of the past, the cores can be unscrewed and exchanged quite simply by hand - there is no need for spanners or wrenches.

The revolutionary FIXTEC adaptors are avilable with or without dust absorption and with different tool receptions making them compatible to other manufacturers tools.

FIXTEC adaptor fits to diamond cores with M16 thread. As centering drill bit a standard SDS-plus drill bit can be used.

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FIXTEC™ adaptor. Tool changing in seconds. No extra tool required

  • M18 x 2.5 - M16 - 1 pc
  • Hex 11 mm - M16 - 1 pc

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Product Specifications M18 x 2.5 - M16 - 1 pc
FIXTEC™ adaptor. Tool changing in seconds....
Hex 11 mm - M16 - 1 pc
FIXTEC adaptor
Article Number 49323991744932399220
Disclaimer For DCU/DCH SDS-Plus ⌀8 x 160mm (4932307071). For DCH 150 SDS-Plus ⌀8 x 260mm (4932353821)For DCU/DCH SDS-Plus ⌀8 x 160mm (4932307071). For DCH 150 SDS-Plus ⌀8 x 260mm (4932353821)
Pack quantity 11
Tool reception M18 x 2.511 mm Hex
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