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Drill Connect - 1 pc

Drill Connect - 1 pc
Extension SDS-Max - SDS-Max 750 mm - 1 pc
Extension SDS-Max - SDS-Max 320 mm - 1 pc
Extension SDS-Max - SDS-Max 1100 mm - 1 pc



Drill connect



  • The innovative and patented Drill Connect System is the ultimate solution for those requiring maximum versatility with large diameter drilling tools.
  • Versatile: Drill Connect acts as a link between machine and drilling tools. On one side the system is totally compatible to all SDS-Max reception drilling tools such as drill bits, tunnel bits and core cutters. On the opposite side between the rotary hammer and the Drill Connect attachment one can fit the extension piece with the desired length.
  • Universal: The extension pieces are offered in a range of lengths fitting to rotary hammers with either SDS-Max, Spline or 19 mm Hex reception. Short or long - the choice is yours!
  • Cost effective: Professional users always require both long and short length drill bits and depending on the application sometimes even of the same diameter. But now, one can reduce the total number of drilling tools with the help of the Drill Connect System which makes it possible to interchange the drilling tools diameter and length in one simple step. Therefore users can reap the benefits of purchasing the cheaper short length drill bits and extending the length with the economical extensions plus the flexibility of Drill Connect reduces the overall quantity of drill bits one must carry in their toolbox.
  • 100% Power: The Drill Connect attachment provides a quick and safe connection between drilling tool and extension piece and therefore ensures that 100% of the power is completely transmitted to the drill bit tip.
  • Less weight: The combination of short drilling tools and 18 mm diameter extensions reduces the overall weight by up to 15%.
  • We recommend that Drill Connect be cleaned of concrete dust and lubricated with Grease at regular intervals (Grease - Part-no. Grease/">4932352273).
  • Drill Connect is only suitable for drilling tools in excess of 32 mm diameter and limited for use with rotary hammers up to 8 kg in weight.
  • Suitable for use with drilling tools with a ⌀ of 32 mm and above.
  • For use with rotary hammers up to 8 kg in weight.
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