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Milwaukee Tool is committed to equipping your tools with accessories that work as hard as they do. Our power tool accessories are built to last long and deliver strong performance every time. Accessories like our drill bits, driver bits, blades, hole saws and accessory sets deliver precision and durability every with use, designed with our core trades in mind.

MX4™ carbide

MILWAUKEE® MX4™ 4-Cutter SDS Plus Rotary Hammer-Drill Bits provide up to 4x Life in Rebar and up to 20% more holes per charge in cordless rotary hammers. The enhanced rebar guards, carbide tip and 4-Cutter 90° head design provide increased life and durability in hard aggregate and rebar.

The increased life and efficiency of MX4™ 4-Cutter drill bits provides the ideal solution in general concrete and reinforced concrete for cordless and corded rotary hammer users.


M2™ drill bits

FASTEST: New aggresive tip geometry with 3 chip breakers demolishes the concrete quicker and a tapered shoulder design minimises friction enabling the M2 drill bit to deliver faster drilling speed.

DURABILITY: Rebar chamfers on the tip prevent side tip damage when hitting metal reinforcement and a thicker core body ensures higher power transfer, lower vibrations and less flute breakages.

SHOCKWAVE™ Driver Bits

SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Duty™ driver bits are engineered to be the most durable, best fitting impact driver bits on the market. The optimized Shock Zone™ bit geometry that is unique for each bit tip type, providing up to 30X longer life and absorbing 3X more torque versus other impact bits.

Precise Fit Custom Machined Tips™ prevents bit stripping and reducing wobble when in use, while our custom Alloy76™ steel maximises bit resistance to wear and shock.


Shock Zone reduces stress at the tip resulting in less tip breakages

The combination of the Shock Zone design and special heat treatment absorbs impacts and allows the bit to flex with spring like action


SAWZALL® BLADES with Carbide Teeth

Milwaukee® Sawzall blades with Carbide Teeth are engineered to deliver long life in the toughest applications while being the fastest carbide-tipped recip saw blades on the market.

Throguh our investment in carbide technology, Milwaukee tool continues to lead and drive innovation in the linear edge category by delivering the longest lasting, most versatile, and fastest cutting tool accessories available.


HOLE DOZER™ with Carbide Teeth

Milwaukee® Hole Dozer™ with Carbide Teeth hole saws provide 50X Life in Extreme Multi-Material cutting applications when compared to bi-metal hole saws while cutting in high RPM. Built utilizing a tough carbide grade combined with a durable 4TPI design, yielding the best tooth durability and longest life in Stainless Steel, Abrasive Materials and Fastener Embedded Wood.


High Performance Carbide Holesaws

Carbide cutting edge technology for maximum productivity.


SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Duty™ step Drills

SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Duty™ step drills are designed to deliver best-in-class performance in impact drivers and also the versatility to be used in drill drivers. Our step drill bits are made in the USA with global materials and give you best-in-class performance in impact drivers with the versatility to be used in drills.

The ¼” hex shank has an optimized SHOCKZONE™ body providing you with the industry’s most durable shank, reducing early shank breaks, while the step drill bit's Rapid Strike™ tip and dual spiral flute produce 2x faster holes.

Special tip and step geometry for jam-free performance

less risk of drill snagging when used with high speed cordless tools and also prevents deformation of the drilled material



Metal drill bits HSS Ground – DIN 338

The Thunderweb design is characterised by a conical shaped web which gets thicker towards the back of the drill bit. The web is the internal core of the drill bit.

The greater web thickness allow the drill bit to withstand higher feed pressure and torque, sufer less breakages, and have an overall longer life.

Thunderweb flute form ejects hot chips rapidly

Dissipates heat better increasing life time

Milwaukee® Powertools SDS-Plus MX4 and M2 drill bits

Milwaukee® introduces two new SDS-Plus drill bits: M2 optimised for speed and MX4 for a longer lifetime.

These provide the best performance when it comes to drilling into concrete with important improvements like the breaker points, variable flutes and rebar guards. All these features make them faster and more durable also when hitting rebar in concrete.