Milwaukee understands that as a professional you rely on your tools to make money and can't afford to be let down or to not be kept up to date with the latest industry trends.

Whilst we have always prided ourselves on delivering a great after sales service, we know that we can go even further by offering an equally exceptional pre-sales service. Our Job Site Solutions Team provide a way for us to help you to see what is available - helping to make your job easier, faster and better.

Working with core trades Builders, Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians, the Automotive sector, the Agricultural sector, maintenance sector and HVAC, the JSS team are here to offer advice and right around the country. We aim to have the best industry knowledge available to help you know which tool is right for you.

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AIM: “To achieve a cable free job site to ensure we reduce the hazard of slips, trips and falls on our projects and also poor safety scores for trailing leads within our Group Safety Inspectors reports by swapping 110V corded tools to a cordless equivalent on one flexible battery system.”

Our Jobsite Solutions Team have identified 27 product lines where Milwaukee® can offer high demand like for like cordless tools to fulfill their needs for the cordless jobsite. These include the M18™ Mag Press, M18™ SAL, M18 Fuel™ Mitre Saw, M18 Fuel™ Bandsaw and our M12™-M18™ Universal Dust Extractor to name just a few.

“It’s about teaching the workers on site a new way of working; that cordless solutions are much more powerful than they once were”

Graham Thompson
Site Manager


They learnt to understand the tools which they were using and how they performed with their applications. Working with their local JSS they were able to tailor a set of products which were best suited to them. This provided a much more efficient way of working; cost saving, time saving and labour saving. They now use an expanding range of Milwaukee® both M12™ and M18™ products.

TEVO felt that their machinery was being abused and they wanted a way of controlling this. Our JSS team recognised their need and found a solution for them in our new ONE-KEY™ range.

The first ONE-KEY™ product they took on was the impact wrench. Since implementing the M18™ ONEIWF12 they have only needed to charge batteries once a week, before they were charging once a day, and accessories have a much longer lifespan.

Outcome: ONE-KEY™ has had such an impact on the productivity of the business that the Chief Engineering Director wants to introduce ONE-KEY™ into the global Modul System Group. He wants to have efficient inventory management across the group and Milwaukee® delivers this.


The free of charge training from Milwaukee® helped the team:

  • Increase their confidence in using Milwaukee® cordless tools that match the performance of their corded equivalents.
  • Improving the safer use of cordless tools used for daily applications
  • Saving cost on electricity, transformers or generators to run.
  • Convenience:
    • Cordless solution
    • Easy to transport with no heavy transformers or generators.

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